Three-year-old Ninja Koivula suffers from a rare condition causing her to be unable to feel pain. As a result, Ninja is prone to hurt herself accidentally, but also on purpose if she doesn't get her way. Ninja has gnawed the tips of her fingers into stumps; A broken leg doesn't stop her from running. The Koivula family has had to install gates and other safety features in their house to keep Ninja out of harm's way. Ninja's parents are afraid that Ninja might gouge out her own eyes; They would never let Ninja use sharp objects as she might get strange ideas. Looking after Ninja is a full-time job for Maarit, Ninja's primary caregiver. The family has also three older children: daughters Sini and Janica, and son Niko.

The story was published in Aamulehti in July 2018.

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