Show riding group Rohan Stables brought to life a medieval tournament on the grounds of Laukko Mansion in Vesilahti. The mansion has been the home to real-life knights during its over 600-year history, such as Klaus Kurki, a 15th century nobleman.

Aamulehti 2018

Kari Karjalainen as Hartikka Henrikinpoika and Jose Pedro Bernardes as Klaus Kurki.

Inside the armor, the temperature can climb up to 70 celcius degrees in a hot day.

Anu Nuotio as character Anielka Tarnowska, a Polish noblewoman.

The show attracted a sizable audience to the Mansion grounds.

The detailed suits of armor worn by the performers are handmade and closely resemble armors that were used in the 16th century. Riding while wearing the outfit requires great skill as the armor can weight up to 35 kilograms.

The knights getting ready for the tournament.

The main event of the tournament was jousting.

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